interior stone wall cladding

Interior & Exterior Stone Wall Cladding in Bangalore

These days, the modern homes have a lot of upgraded features and stone cladding remains one of the most unique and most loved parts of house construction. It is far better than other forms of cladding because it makes the home look more attractive.

Stone Cladding Design

The reason why stone cladding is preferred over any other forms of cladding is that stone is suited with any kind of construction material. It is also called dressing and the stone cladding designs are becoming very happening with all kinds of architects, homeowners, and interior designers. These types of stone cladding can have lots of types. It can be from strip cladding to the brick akin cladding. In fact, there can be pattern designs also abstract patterns of various pieces of stone. The stones used for cladding are superlative quality including slate, sandstone, quartzite, and limestone. These stones have attractive features and have good location coverage.

Stone Cladding Service Provider in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most modern cities in India and it goes without saying that the houses there display the most attractive and creatively architectural patterns. This is the reason that stone cladding in Bangalore has become so hugely popular. There are talented and experienced stone cladding designers at InteriorDesk who have a vast knowledge of which stone is useful for the kinds of homes or even commercial setups that are built. The stone cladding can even add a touch of class to the home exteriors in terms of landscape as well inside the mansions. You can take a look at our picture gallery for the various wonderful results of stone cladding resultant homes and exteriors.

Stone cladding process

There are various forms of stone cladding and the end results are really impressive. The stone cladding texture also remains fine in keeping with the architectural shape. The best part is that stone can resist temperature and it also acts as an insulating agent. The color and texture are truly outstanding when it comes to viewing the outer landscapes in finer tones of reds, blues, yellows, and greens. The designers of stone cladding at InteriorDesk believe in the unique requirement of every individual client and put their aesthetic minds to doing a wonderful job. They will even provide you with a free estimate of your project.

Advantages of having walls with stone cladding

Having a stone cladding wall will definitely enhance the resale worth of your house if you ever need to put it on the market. If your wall has undergone stone cladding you can rest assured that it will look attractive and also be resistant to unfavorable weather conditions or micro-organisms. Our team of expert stone cladding designers in Bangalore is just a call away to fulfill your needs. They will visit your residence and examine the walls before deciding upon the types of stones to do the cladding work.

Basically speaking, the word stone cladding refers to using an external stone layer on the outer or interior of an architectural setup to create the desired effect. It can be used as stone cladding TV unit and even in pools, fireplaces and so many others like kitchens, chimneys, and pillars. These days, there is also stone cladding TV unit in many homes which gives the living room a modern look. Our team of talented engineers and stone cladding interior designers works hard at giving your home a new look. We can get you a variety of stones available in many colors, shades, and shapes to suit your project need, also keep in mind the climate and area where your home is located.

Stone Cladding experts in Bangalore

Our talented pool of experts and experienced engineers, architects, stone clad designer and project consultants’ works as a team to meet the client requirements. Even projects like interior stone wall cladding design are available in unique patterns if you take a look at our gallery and check out the pictures. Our customer service desk is always manned around the clock and you can even shoot a mail at our official email for an estimate, project detail or assignment consultation. Each of our clients is unique and our workers are specially trained and have years of work experience to tackle any kind of project, big or small.

You can check out client testimonials to see our previous work and also attractive images of stone cladding TV units, walls and pool features along with kitchens and others are provided in the gallery section. We are always happy to serve your needs and our in-house professional workers would love to make your dream designs a wonderful reality at a very reasonable and pocket-friendly price. Project consultations are also done along with free work estimates.